Arsenal boss, “Arteta” drops comment on win against Crystal Palace

The arsenal boss, “Arteta” after a victorious night makes his comment known public

Arsenal boss, “Arteta” drops comment on win against Crystal Palace

Arsenal boss Arteta believes the victory will give his side a significant boost, telling Sky Sports: 

"The most important thing is to win the first match, to build confidence and momentum, and then you can talk about things we need to improve - there were quite a few today, to be honest."

He added: "You need the right balance because if you come short in terms of physicality in this game, you’re going to be exposed. To have players at the back of the right size is really important in these kinds of matches.

"That’s the resilience we need to win football matches and see them through. Aaron Ramsdale did incredibly well from the one-on-one and won the game for us."

Speaking of the corner kick move that resulted in the opening goal, Arteta said: "One of the set-piece coaches created the routine for the first goal and we practised it yesterday.

"Gabriel Jesus has the fear factor: he is always on your shoulder, he’s never standing still, he’s always moving and he’s so sharp. He has the intuition to get the ball off you so it’s difficult for defenders."

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